You Can’t Build A Great Belief System Based On “Made Up Stuff”!!!



One can achieve the greatest life only if one has a great belief system that is based on what is true and what aligns with reality, what actually works in life to create what we truly want in life.


Unless one actually makes sure he/she actually has a sound, great belief system, one will tend to believe some pretty unbelievable stuff with no sound basis and lots of conflicting facts.  

As children, we take on whatever statements and “truths” that we hear from “out there”, especially from those close to us.  We just absorb it all, without discriminating at all whether it is actually fact.  

Later in life, we often continue believing what is attractive because we want to believe that “the universe” or “entities” or “magical solutions” will make our lives great.  

But they don’t and won’t.  They just lead us astray and make us more passive, dependent on things “out there” in the world or people who will love us and rescue us.  

The only best way to create the greatest life must be based on being a 100% self-determined where one is focused such that one is personally powerful – that’s the only way to go in life! (On a phone always turn it sideways for such reads.)

As a result of believing beliefs that are not true, we end up conflicting with the real world, and get beat up a bit in the process and/or get a lot less out of life, by far, than we could have had if we aligned with true, workable beliefs.   We suffer and often get no better because we are stuck in the old belief systems that are not going to ever be able to create a greater life.


Suffering”  is not a requirement, at least not nearly to the degree we currently experience anxieties, fears, or “threats”.  

If we seek out what is true and workable, we will have a life that is workable, where things work in the real world so effectively that we can easily get all of the important things in life that we want.

We need not keep running into reality and getting bruised, we can simply figure out what reality is and then align with it!

When we clash with reality, reality always wins“.    Byron Katie 


On this site, we will take you through the process to make sure you have a great, successful belief system.  

But, first, let’s lay to rest some of the things we humans tend to fabricate (“make up”, with no basis in fact).  We must remove those from our thinking or it will impede us for the rest of our life.  (You will, along the way, be inspired by fairy tales and wonderful creativity of thought.  And it will feel good in the moment, as we dream of all the potential and hope.  But it won’t last.  Inevitably we will not align with “what works” to assure that we get what we want IN THE REAL WORLD.)

Fix this early in life or you will waste years of your life, still believing what doesn’t really work for the best.  Create a solid belief system based on truth and what works or you’ll miss out on the potential great life that you could have and continue to believe what really doesn’t work.  

Fairy tales are fun, but when it comes to real life we can create a much, much better belief system and, from that, we can create the greatest life – not a conflicted one, not one with suffering in it, but a life of happiness and full personal power.  


I would like you to at least check out this brief summary of the book The Believing Brain, by Michael Shermer.  

In any event, I would simply suggest that you start checking/verifying everything you hear, to the point that you are satisfied that it is valid and true.  

Here’s a transcript from a video I did, which could make this clearer:  Moving From Untested Beliefs To Verified Ones.  Note that the way that the great, wise men became wise was by questioning everything!

Next, when you’re ready, consider this 10 page piece: Effective Critical Thinking, Results, And Workability.  

If you follow this simple set of basic thinking, your life will be literally transformed.  

From another point of view, there is no possibility that you will be able to create your greatest life.   



Effective Critical Thinking, Results, And Workability – About 10 pages, but it’ll massively change your life and assure that you’re not passively believing whatever is attractive!!!

The “Program For Learning How To Think” – You Can’t Do Well In Life Without This Skill/Capability!!! – This would best be something that you would really study and learn, for it is the key to transforming one’s belief system and one’s very life!

Other optional possible reading:

Pseudoscience And Success…Or Not – It is essential that one be able to see through these.

You Can Be Happy Without Fairytale Beliefs


Of course, it is possible that a non-physical being does exist, but we are not here to dispute that.

We are here in order to not allow what will not do us any good – to dispute what is proven not to be true and/or has no sound, believable basis.

90+% of most of the spiritual, astrological, “human design” “systems” are a bunch of “bullbleep!”  

We humans tend to want to believe those fantastical wonderful things.  So, they don’t bother to think it through, to actually determine what is true and most workable in life.  

Typically, there will be a few true things thrown into those systems.  And then the lower brain fabricator is off and running in his/her creativity, making one connection with another, with perhaps some logic but without fact and reality.

I often chuckle at the great leaps of creative thinking that even some highly educated people take, as they somehow get so confident in their abilities that they believe they can just make up things and then believing that they are true.  They fail to see that they have just fabricated the fantastical.  These are people who have a lot of true knowledge, but fail to test out some of their own fairy tales!!!

Even Deepak Chopra, a great brain and a physician, was awarded by scientists the farcical version of the Nobel Prize:  the Ig Nobel Science Prize, honored based on making up stuff in a very creative way, based on “science”.  (For some reason, Chopra didn’t bother to come to the awards ceremony…)

Some of the leaders that learn a number of good things, but then depart from the actual testing of what is true, have some good stuff such that I’ll listen to or read from – but I have to sift out what has no real basis, and what seems rather laughable to me.  

I love some of the things that these people espouse, but I have to be careful to notice, and drop, the bull:  Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, Abraham-Hicks.  A highly credible person I follow, who clearly sees the truth-and-not-truth of life, but who still believes in his Hindu religion, is Sadhguru, who I would recommend as a person to learn from – but, still, again, I must stop at certain questionable beliefs. 

Again, one can be totally open about theories/beliefs that might turn out to be helpful, but I would suggest that you then actually screen them out so that you actually know what is true fact and is workable.  

“Religiously” doing this will pay off, big time, to assure that your belief system is marvelous and able to lead you to a marvelous life.  Without that, one cannot lead a great life – at least not without a miracle!

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